Monday, September 20, 2010

The Golden Verses

Master Pythagoras of Samos, who "neither affirms nor conceals but indicates" like the Delphi's Oracle, and "who handed down to us the tetraktys (1+2+3+4), containing the source and root of eternal nature". For the Harmony of the Spheres is "the bond uniting gods and mortals". (See Carmen Aureum, or J.Thom's Pythagorean Golden Verses). These pictures were taken by AF, in September 2007.

"Few understand the deliverance from their troubles. Such is the fate that harms their minds: like tumbling stones they are borne hither and thither, suffering endless miseries. For a deadly innate companion, Discord, has injured them unawares. This one must not promote, but withdraw and flee from it. Father Zeus, you would surely deliver all from many evils, if you would show all what kind... "

"But take courage, for mortals have a divine origin, to whom Nature displays and shows each sacred object. If you have any share in this, you will master what I command you by means of a thorough cure, and you will save your soul from these sufferings."
-excerpts from The Golden Verses