Saturday, April 13, 2013

Like a sea of candles in the cathedral

The Cathedral of Freiburg, Easter Monday 2009. I went searching for a path and found one, although it was not the path I was looking for. In the Black Forest there was a green earth, by the road to the city a stream of water was flowing on, and the air in the sky outside the cathedral was uplifting, to say the least. Inside, candles were lit and their fire warmed people's hearts. The path was my very own, not someone else's. Pictures and drawings by AF.


A note paper for Strindberg, Hölderlin & Celan part III. Written in 2009, there are all the necessary items a wanderer needs, from The Tree of Life diagram to the ladder and the question mark Celan wrote on Heidegger's guest book. The wind and the spirit blow into one for a moment, with some insanity and a Peter Dunov quote to save the day. No, I do not sell my Heidegger-Celan hopes.