Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Temple of the Grail

The boardgame was designed by AF and made by Veijo Pekkola, in 1999. The finishing lines were drawn in December 2006. I have tried several different rules for the game during the years. But it seems that the Temple of the Grail will not be played at all. The whole point was the creation process itself, to have the style of chess and the romance of chivalry in it, reminding of the child's imagination and the adult's taste as well. References to the tradition of sacred geometry are all too visible, but they were not all meant to be there, initially. And the same could be said about the crossroads on this wood: the different views on the Grail theme can be seen by those "who have eyes to see".

Straight lines form gateways, while the circle has been squared. There are 22 letters or numbers in the sides, with the first and the last interchangeable in a way. This makes it compatible with the Greek ideas concerning 21/3 year phases, the Hebrew alphabet and the Tarot system as well. Choose your own. It works together with my collection of poetry, so that's why......

I can't remember whether it was my old pal J.T. Sonny Crockett Salama (who gave me the figure) or someone else, who said that the knight standing in this picture is not a man but a woman. And not just any woman, but the Maid of Orleans herself, Joan of Arc. Pictures by AF.