Monday, August 12, 2013

Tie Sofiaan / The Way to Sophia

Kallvik area in Vuosaari is also known as "the Miami of Finland", because its architects went to Florida to take influences and to learn some lessons in city planning. Many of the streets and houses actually do remind a bit of Miami style, with all the pastel shades and everything. But Kallvik hides another kind of reality, too. These pictures were taken by AF on a romantic walk in 2013.

Kallvik used to be the place where SuomiFilmi came to shoot many of its nature scenes. Situated by the end of a metro line, reached after a 2 km walk, there is a haven waiting for the city pilgrim who makes it this far. Beginning at the strange-looking Black Stone's Park, one will see how the scenery changes with every step, slowly, to a different kind of atmosphere altogether. Finally there is a forest path with old and tall pine trees and a very beautiful seascape, not unlike the ancient Byzantine paths found in the Greek islands. Kallistos Ware himself told us a few years ago on his visit to Sofia, that "who ever does not love trees, does not love Christ", quoting once again his old teacher, saint Amphilocius of Patmos.