Monday, December 16, 2013

Xenia Oecumenica

This picture was taken in September 2007 on Paros, the village of Naousa. We were having a good time, and I would lose my heart for Greece. All the others were drinking cold frappe despite my warnings (as they were not professional coffee drinkers like me). But now I have chosen this photo to represent Xenia Oecumenica, hospitality concerning the whole world. The way I see it, ecumenia is not only about dialogue and co-operation within the divided Christian churches. For me it has to do with the whole world, as the word itself actually stands for. Between all religions and cultures, that is. I am aware that it's no good when trying to blend everything. This is not what Xenia Oecumenica means for me. Neither is it a synonym for "perennial philosophy". There is the same spirit that made the old ecumenia. But this one is wider and more...... Well, maybe you know what I am referring to. At least I hope so.