Saturday, January 18, 2014

Malta Romance AD 2011

Malta, Valletta, in October 2011. Pictures by AF & LV.

So, there is a right time and a right place for everything. If I had gone to Malta before, I would not have liked it the way I did. Had I gone later, it may not have been the same, either. This was the hour for that place. Maybe there will be another time. But some things will never change.

These photos are nothing but stills from the sunshine and the romance of Malta. There is a whole story and quite a different reality behind them as well. During the fall of that year I thought I was going to break down. But somehow I didn't. This was not the first time I've been in trouble, but it made it to my all time top three list of "breakdance".

Courage in Malta, with my back against the wall. I stood there in the city built by gentlemen for gentlemen, as Walter Scott so eloquently put it. Churchill said Malta must be kept no matter what. Hitler wanted the island at all cost, but the fortress witheld. I saw Francis Ford Coppola's film Youth without youth just a few weeks before my journey. For Lavra and blessed Gerard.