Thursday, May 29, 2014

May / Letter & Poems

(Florence, Casa di Dante, in June 2012. Well I'm not trying to say anything with these pictures. Except, maybe there is a common ground for things like this. The poem is from my new collection Wor(l)d Lyrics, being the first one as it takes the reader to where all writing began. Photos by AF.)

(Or, Minne-Songs)

"This beautiful May I have beheld,
In this beautiful May I have beheld..."
The only vision of my fallen youth
And whom I have served with arms
Long ago I received a letter from her
And I was made aware of this May
We had to come from the heights
”And Plato's love will be enough for us”
But it's hard for a man who could not get it
Hard, in troubled times everyone will fall
If I hadn't been a poet, if I hadn't been a poet
I would not have survived with these ties

And I still hope you have forgiven me
That I failed to be a knight, and I failed
I failed to love you like a man should
This beautiful May I have beheld,
In this beautiful May I have beheld
What I tried to own and if I swore
"Thank God you were never mine
And I have never been yours"
We were (not) meant to be like that
For you've been a guiding light
In the night of my inversion

"And let no earthly thing ever take it from us,
Let no thing of this world come between"

There'll be a May, fair and young
For all those who could not be
Like men for the ones they loved
And who had, who had fallen again
Lord, all troubled times are such
No one will be saved from..........
And I kept on clinging to her Minne
The kind of love that can't be harmed
By the black surrounding the earth
The black sphere and today's world

This beautiful May I have beheld,
In this beautiful May I have beheld
Why there is a poet, in other wor(l)ds
"It has been quite romantic after all"
And with this letter I'm writing for you
My first love, real as that faith is real
In the higher spheres it will be safe
Cared by the Divine Spirit of Poetry,
The Heavenly Rose and white light
If our love is like Plato's (τὸ ὄν)
"...It had to be purified first"
May the Highest, the Holy One
Forever bless you with grace

(May = month, or a young maid / goddess)
V. the fall and redemption of Lucifer and Adam.
Dante has written of the white rose of heavens.
Minne is a Middle-High German word.
Cf. love in the works of Plato.

Written on the Ascension Day
29th of May, 2014