Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Bronze Horseman

St. Petersburg in December, 2012. With the Bronze Horseman riding on Finnish granite and behind it, St. Isaac's Cathedral, too. Photo by Lavra. Sometimes we're all Anonymous Anthros. And first we quote Alexandr Pushkin, then we quote Juri Shevtsuk. I love these beautiful cities on the shores of the Baltic sea. They're all very different, and that's what makes them so interesting. St. Petersburg is not only the window to the West, it is also the window to the East. The city was designed mainly by French and Italian architects, and it looks like no other in Russia. It is a unique blend of various influences, and remains one of the great European culture capitals, as the Venice of the North. So why not begin with Andrei Belyi's masterpiece from 1913 / 1922 (the original published and the final Berlin version, although neither of them is the only official Peterburg, since Belyi's technique of writing had something to do with continuity and variation).