Friday, September 21, 2007

St. John and friends

Having a cup of coffee with St. John and friends. The place is Patmos, September 2007. The cafeteria is Petrino. Wonderful coffee. We had a really nice time there, so thank you very much, Mika, Suvi and Laura! I'm not the kind of guy who travels around the world. In fact, I've never been outside continental Europe before. I owe this "pilgrimage" to the Island of Light to my good friend Hölderlin, without whom I would never have found my way through. Brother, I love you.

And I can't help mentioning that I didn't even realize the popular mind's atmosphere of Apocalypse. I felt only love and warmth (and this is a theme I'd like to take further, f.ex. how will the Apocalypse seem if it is also thought of as an "initiative" writing). Well, there was this slightly odd encounter with a monk when I was leaving the cave of St. John. We exchanged a few glances too many and right after I did feel fear for a while. But it is very important to look a man straight into his eyes, they're the mirror of soul.