Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Pathetic Sailor

And Christ he was a sailor, when he walked upon the water, and he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower, and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him, he said: "all men will be sailors, until the sea shall free them", but he himself was broken, long before the sky would open, forsaken, almost human, as he sank beneath your wisdom like a stone.

And you want to travel with him, you want to travel blind, and you think maybe you'll trust him, for you've touched his perfect body with your mind. Limnos, Greece, September 2009, photos and a few words by AF, otherwise it's all Cohen's.

Two alternative verses written and arranged for Suzanne in January 2010. The old poets did this all the time, but there are differing views whether or not changing the words of legendary pop-songs is a good or a bad idea. Either way, I could not help myself. The first lines were too much, I had to change them back to the way they were before. Now Anne takes you down to her place near the crossroad(s), where you'll hear the trams go by.

Now Suzanne takes you down
To her place near the river

Where you'll hear the boats go by

You can spend the night beside her
And you think she's half-crazy
If that's why you want to be there
And she feeds you tea and oranges
That come all the way from China

And when you mean to tell her

You may have no love to give her
She leaves you with a longing
And she lets the morning answer

That all lovers will be chosen

Here Anne wants to meet you
Lovers dream with their heart-strings 
And she's wearing a young girl's face
But it's years older than you are
And the sun pours down like honey
On our Lady of Romance
And she shows you where to look
Among the blue eyes and the roses
There are many lonely hours
There are lovely, quiet mornings
They are leaning out for love
And they will lean that way for ever
While Anne leaves you longing