Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Light Divine

The Medieval Oberufer Play "The Shepherds" was performed at the Michael Hall of Rudolf Steiner school in Helsinki, December 2007 (and again in December 2010 at the Snellman College). Me and Laura were asked to come along. I have to say this has been one of the highlights of my career, as the version here was not "another Christmas play". It was real mythic theatre on a stage where something sacred could be felt or sensed. The atmosphere was beautiful, warm and heart-moving. This was the perfect way for me to approach the story itself, that otherwise seems so difficult. The post-modern culture we are still living in tries to keep the Door of Perception closed from us (with a similar dead end in the so-called Bible belt movements, those who want to open their "religions" in a fundamental way). It seems that mythic theatre is the key to this door, because it covers a wide space in "the collective unconscious", wide enough to touch the souls of the audience, each in their own way, without being subject to criticism in any of its guises, from irony and nihilism to God knows what else (these dis-guises have been increasing in numbers lately).

"...Licht, das erwärmet 
die armen Hirtenherzen..." 
("...Light that gives warmth
to simple Shepherds' hearts....")
-R.S. / The Foundation Stone Meditation

It is quite easy to lose sight of the level of consciousness myths have enshrined for us, and therefore it is necessary to remind people of its existence. Or at the very least, that there.....

Servilus (Laura Vilva) and The Star Singer (Pekka Asikainen) fooling around with the Pentagram. I am grateful to Pekka Asikainen for giving us the chance to participate in this.

"Erwärme unsere Herzen;
erleuchte unsere Häupter;
dass gut werde, was wir
aus Herzen gründen,
aus Häuptern
zielvoll führen wollen."
("Warm Thou our hearts,
enlighten Thou our heads,
that good may become
what from our hearts
we would found,
and from our heads direct
with single purpose.")
-R.S. / The Foundation Stone Meditation

"...Licht, das erleuchtet
die weisen Königshäupter.."
("...Light that enlightens
the wise heads of Kings...")
-R.S. / The Foundation Stone Meditation

Epiphany, 2010. The Oberufer Folkplay "Three Wise Kings" was acted out at the Michael Hall in Lehtikuusentie, Helsinki. It was the second time in a row, the first being played a year before. They were both unique, although in a different way. The blue photos were taken by Petri Mikkola.

Plays like this are always contemporary and ever new, giving people a chance to re-interpret endlessly. So, these topics are never out-of-date. In January 2010 I played the part of Joseph, but in January 2009 it had been my time to be the Devil. And together with my friend Herodes (Markku Maula), we gave them hell on stage. You wouldn't believe it by looking at the picture below, but the atmosphere was infernal, even so much, that no one asked me to play the Devil again. I used a throat sound from the old school.

The make-up was done by a professional from the Finnish National Opera. Notice the medieval street-theater look. My mask had a resemblance to the corpse paint used in black metal (and I wore black leather jeans and my old boots, too). Had there not been spiritual elders present, I may not have dared to do this. There are no pictures or records of the play itself. And no electricity or machines of any kind were used (except the lights of course).

"Minä pyydän, ettei suuttuisi kukaan, 
jos kaikki ei mennyt mielenne mukaan, 
oli taitomme puutetta ainoastaan, 
jos rikoimme sanaa ja tapoja vastaan."