Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Parsifal and the Magical Garden of Klingsor

Stage design for Parsifal

Seven years ago I made the last changes to a certain little book. But last autumn (2013) I still found myself editing. All through the years I had been "finishing" the work every once and in a while, trying to get it all together, including a few quotes to the original sketch (that could be found in the library of Helsinki university in one copy). But the version published last September is still the same book, with some details and lines added or cleared out. If you want to buy / see the text, go to:

Available in Finnish only. But there are many long quotes in English, so one can try to guess what it is all about. Still, I wouldn't recommend the book to anyone, Finnish speaking or not. It is a crossover of anthropology, aesthetics (philosophy), comparative religion, anthroposophy and new age. I have notes and fragments for an English essay on the same subject, to be published later. Or maybe not, who knows.