Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spiritual Apology

On a beautiful Greek island in September 2007. Picture taken by AF, with many kinds of apologies.

It has been said that even in the most obscure instinct or gut feeling there may be a glimpse of intuition, but in its purest form intuitive consciousness is about love, where knowledge and will are serving it (not contrary to what "spiritual thinking" means). Quite a few people have written about the subject, and the views differ of course. I believe there will be no harm done as long as we keep in mind that Intuition has been crowned as "the highest consciousness man could achieve here on earth". I think it is all the more good to know, since intuition is often understood the other way around. But so it is, with things like this. However, "it's nothing too serious that a little spiritual apologia could not undo", as the saying goes. #The Preacher