Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Eagle & The Homecoming


This collection of lyrics was originally sketched out for Omnium Gatherum's album "III", but in the end it would become something else altogether. Meanwhile, I tried for years with different musicians, to make a little Bon Jovian thrash metal side project. Finally I realized it was not meant to be like that. So this booklet is a new kind of.......

Rap / Spoken Word stand up COLD HAND PROGRAM? I still got my black boots, leather jeans and the Hungarian horse whip. At least it's good / bad olden time Written Word 19th century Wild West no quality newspaper man style in black and white, with photographs and a saddle form drawing, too. But if that doesn't satisfy you, I guess a reference to the dark nineties will make it happen. And if none of this banged a drum, I'll have to say it's a humble, poor and lonesome collection of Unlucky Luke's memories of dirty places and times. The age-old work needed a seal. Nothing more.



Check out the free preview / PDF for the whole booklet. I hope it serves you well, whether it's / you're good, bad or ugly. After all,  it's (not) only rock and roll.